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The CSTEPS team recently finished a consultation on ways that the Allen Coral Reef Atlas, a big data platform for coral reef conservation, can be u

Considerations of equity and underrepresented groups are currently missing from resilience and relief efforts in response to extreme events.

New book edited by CSTEPS director and collaborators on broadband

In our latest SciOPS survey, we asked scientists about their 

Edited by Eric W. Welch, Director, CSTEPS

The National Science Foundation has selected Oregon State University and the University of Washington to lead a collaborative research hub focused on increasing resiliency among coastal communities in the Pacific Northwest. CSTEPS and Georgia Tech will lead the external evaluation portion of the project over all 5 years.

These memos take a closer look of aspects of respondent data gathered from the SciOPS and AAAS SciLine Scientists' and Media Survey, conducted in spring 2021.

PI Dr. Elham Fini from ASU's School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment will lead a collaborative effort between researchers at CUNY City College, ASU and Howard University to help develop an impactful community-centered vision for I BREATHE, a revolutionary model for sustainable built environment and infrastructure. CSTEPS Director Dr. Eric Welch will serve as Co-PI to help lead aspects of social science research for this project.

The purpose of the consultation was to identify the lasting impacts and the institutional and policy implications of COVID-19 for genetic diversity and genomic research and innovation, with a special focus on open access, global equity and science capacity.

New research in the Humanities & Social Sciences Communication Journal on the effects of COVID-19 on US academic scientists near the start of the pandemic in May 2020.