National Study on Transit Agency Weather Response and Preparedness (US DOT)

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This US Department of Transportation funded study is designed to enable national level analysis of the decision-making context within which transit agencies operate.  It consists of two components. The first component will develop a national database that will integrate extreme weather data, transit expenditure data, and other city, regional and federal data of relevance for each transit agency. The second component will conduct a national survey of transit agencies to better understand national level extreme weather event experiences and strategies of decision makers. This survey will complement the other related studies including the recent study by Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC).  The study will survey transit managers within each selected agency to learn more about individual perceptions, behaviors and experiences regarding efforts to consider and respond to extreme weather events.  The two components will overlap in some ways. For example, perceived risk of extreme weather events collected in the survey can map onto extreme weather event data collected in component one. Taken together, the two components will provide the basis for analysis of the relationship between extreme weather events and transit and identify gaps in understanding or particular areas of further attention. Specific research questions addressed in the study include: How do local transit agencies understand national level extreme weather event experiences? What types of strategies do local transit agencies develop and implement to address extreme weather events? Do extreme weather event planning approaches differ for those who participate in the FTA pilot programs as compared to agencies that are not pilot sites?