Throughout the year, CSTEPS team members present research nationally and internationally at conferences, meetings, and invited speaking events.

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National Study of Technology Use in Government: A Multi-year Project 

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2010-2018, Research Team: Dr. Mary K. Feeney, Dr. Federica Fusi, Fengxiu Zhang, Leonor Camarena


Organizational Adaptation to Extreme Events: Cognitive Perceptions Leading to Institutional Work by Public Managers


Presented at 2019 Public Management Research Conference by Heyjie Jung, Federica Fusi, and Eric Welch


Ties with Benefits: Relationship between Multiplex Ties, Gender and Work-Life Balance in Higher Education


Presented at 2019 Atlanta Science and Technology Policy Conference by Heyjie Jung and Yifan Chen


Always connected: Antecedents and Inhibitors of Techno-Stress among Public Managers

 Presented at 2019 Public Management Research Conference by Leonor Camarena and Federica Fusi 



Technology Vulnerability and Organizational Risk Propensity:The Moderating Role of Technical and Political Information

 Presented at 2018 Association for Public Policy and Public Management by Federica Fusi, Heyjie Jung, and Eric Welch 


Blockchains for Access, Use and Benefit Sharing of Digital DNA Sequences


Presented at 2018 Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies and Science by Heyjie Jung, Federica Fusi, and Eric Welch. 


Valuing Diversity: Unpacking Variation in Public Manager Perspectives


Presented at 2016 Midwest Political Science Association Conference by Leonor Camarena and Mary Feeney