Technology and Innovation in Government

This research area focuses on the use of technology by government and for the governance of complex intersectoral initiatives. CSTEPS studies have examined adoption and use of new media technologies in public organizations, while others have investigated the use of technology on government-stakeholder engagement. The research questions addressed concern many of the traditional themes of public administration and governance including equity, efficiency and effectiveness. Recent projects are merging insights from digital government to inform institutional design for global initiatives on sharing pre-comptitive genomic data for scientific research.

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This project consists of the design and baseline interviews for an evaluation of an innovative project to integrate digital inclusion initiatives into community-building efforts in several low-income Chicago neighborhoods.

The Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) is a new organization at the University of Illinois at Chicago primarily funded by the State of Illinois. IPCE’s mission is to “transform democracy by creating a more fully engaged citizenry with more effective leaders”.

The emerging and important area of social computing, or the support of social behavior through computing technologies, is expected to have significant implications for the conduct of work in modern organizations.

This research aims to develop and administer a national survey of state and local government agencies to examine the extent to which different agencies utilize technology (Internet and non-Internet based) to seek input from citizens and other stakeholders.

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Recent Publications