CSTEPS helps support a Masters and Ph.D. specialization in Science and Technology through funded projects that enable the education and training of a new generation of social scientists who are committed to an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Once admitted to the School of Public Affairs, students interested in the field of science and technology policy are assigned to ongoing research projects where they learn how to conduct interdisciplinary social science research. Many students who have worked with CSTEPS have gone on to academic careers, others have accepted positions in government.

Master of Public Policy in Science & Technology Policy

The MPP in Public Policy Concentration in Science and Technology Policy provides knowledge and skills for students seeking or advancing careers in areas where science and technology are guided by public policy or where science and technology play an integral role in the policy process. This concentration emphasizes theories and research concerning the role of science in decision-making, complexity theory, institutional design of knowledge production organizations, national innovation systems, innovation and industrial policy, technology transfer and research evaluation.

Please see the MPA & MPP Student Guide for additional program information.

Appications are accepted year round. 

Public Administration and Policy PhD Program

The Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D) in Public Administration and Policy is a theoretically grounded research degree designed to prepare students for academic careers. Students can pursue PhD research in science, technology and environmental policy and management. The degree is also appropriate for individuals who want to conduct high level research and policy development in public and nonprofit agencies, foundations, and research institutes. It is designed primarily for students who seek full-time study. Students who are offered research positions work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research projects, receiving guidance and mentoring through their academic career.

Please see the Ph.D. Student Guide for additional program information

Applicants are admitted for fall only.  Admission is competitive with a limited number of well-qualified applicants admitted each year.